This little "game" (obviously, it's not really a game)  is my contribution for the DragonRuby Boss Battle jam. It was an opportunity for me to test an idea of a type of combat that was going around in my head and maybe, if this mode works well, make it a more complete game afterwards.

But it's an absolutely unfinished game. There is still a lot of things missing (including the sound)... Lack of time.

If you have some performance issues with the web version, don't hesitate to download the executable: it will go much better


It's time for you to fight the boss... your only weapons are spells. You gain your power from the runes you step on and absorb power from.

Each combination of two runes gives you a spell which you can then use to defeat the boss. But beware, some combinations are inactive

You will have to work on your memory to remember the effects of spells and the most suitable combinations for your fight.

Game after game, the rune / spell combinations are randomized... so that you can fight again and again without getting too bored


Move with arrows (or WASD, or gamepad), dash or launch spell with space bar (or 'a' button of gamepad)

Thanks and credits

I used a enhanced SLSO8 color palette made by Luis Miguel Maldonado

Some visual effect  (due to a lack of time) came from amazing Ninja Adventure assets pack by Pixel Boy and AAA

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags2D, dragonruby, Pixel Art, Short


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Version 13
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Version 13
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Version 13
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I got to shoot magic at Cthulhu. Couldn’t be happier.

Very nice game, completing the right spells feels sometimes quite challenging, but fullfilling. I especially enjoyed the art style, it's quite simple, but fits very well.

Thanks for your feed back. This type of pixel art is quite new to me and I'm glad to see that you like it

Great concept, When using wasd controls i cant move right. However when i used the arrow keys i can move just fine. Art direction is my favorite it reminds me of game called crawl

(2 edits)

Thanks a lot for your feedback ! The WASD bug is now fixed ;-)